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It’s October and we’re fast approaching our final round of live events for 2014, but there’s no slowing down yet. This month, I have 5 expert negotiation tips for you, 2 huge ZPE announcements, as well as an interesting report for those who like to stay in the loop on international affairs.

So... let’s get started.

** 5 Tips For Successful Negotiating **

With Christmas just around the corner, there’s lots of opportunities to sink your teeth into some great property deals. Here’s 5 tips, according to Wayne Berry that can help you successfully negotiate your next investment:

1. Preparation Is Key - If you don’t know exactly what you want to achieve and how high or low you’re willing to go, you’ll likely get less than what’s possible…

2. Gather Information - Find out exactly what the other party wants. A deal can easily go pear-shaped if you have a skewed idea of their desired outcomes…

3. Explore The Options - Let the other party put forth what they would like first before you start offering options… 

4. Never Give Concessions - Only ever trade them. If you are good at giving things away, the other party will always want more… 

5. Put It In Writing - By putting it in writing, it is cemented and finalised, plus you can reflect on the minor details… 

Read the entire blog post with more detail about each point, plus access a bonus 6th tip here.

** ZPE News **

1. Daniel Kertcher Is Retiring - After 15 years of teaching more than 200,000 investors, our Financial Market Guru Daniel Kertcher is retiring from stage.

We're so grateful and honoured to have had such a polished professional speaking on our stage during the last seven years. Whilst farewells are never a joyous occasion, we're immensely excited for Daniel's future which appears filled with exciting possibilities and sensational opportunities. It's with great pleasure that I can say 'see you later', and not 'goodbye', to someone who's a true friend of mine and all at Zadel Property Education.

What does this mean for you? If you want to see this extraordinary educator LIVE before he retires from stage, book in for our final 2-Day Property Conference tour for 2014 by clicking here.

2. John Lindeman Is Touring Nationally - As one of Australia’s leading property market analysts, we are honoured to welcome John to his very first full national tour with us. At this stage, we are unsure if he’ll be back again. 

During this tour, John will be lifting the veil on how you can do your own suburb specific research and will be giving his latest insights as to where your market is really at. I’ve seen his work and I’m telling you, the man is a genius. If you’re an investor, you simply cannot afford to miss this.

Simply click here to see John speak live and to claim your complimentary tickets.

Thought you might be interested...

According to a report by the OECD, Australia has been ranked the best country in the world to live in.... You’ll never guess what the best city was. Read the full report here.

Wishing you every success,

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This is one of the newest additions to our inspiring ZPE team, Shelly. Shelly is working closely with our marketing and customer service teams, which means you have a friendly chat with her in the future. If you see Shelly at one of our future events, be sure to give her a warm welcome!