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Happy New Year and welcome to your January edition of the Zadel Property Education Newsletter!

In 2015, we are looking to do a lot more with a lot less. A year where we will practice even more what we preach.

In terms of more - we achieved one of our top five goals in Melbourne last October - Inspiring 50,000+ Australians Live at our events - and we've just officially raised our target to 100,000+. We also want to spend more time focusing on our community and we have some exciting projects that we’re working on…

In terms of less - this year we'll be bringing you increased quality content with our existing experts and some new experts - but with substantially less events.

So if something tickles your fancy, get in while you can!

But for now, let’s have a look at the property market...


In 2014:

  • Australian capital city house prices rose on average by 8% throughout the year with Sydney leading the way at 12.6% growth.
  • Melbourne had the second highest growth rate of 7.9%, followed by Brisbane & Adelaide.
  • Interest rates reached, and stayed, at record lows of 2.5%.
  • Auction numbers reached record highs in summer, and clearance rates were also quite high.
  • Early to mid-year reports showed that distressed sales on the market represented 3.3% of the total market. QLD had the highest rate at the time (14.6% of their market) while VIC had the lowest at the time (1.4% of their market).
  • Q3 reports showed that VIC and NSW led the way for distressed sales, with QLD dropping back to 3rd, as investors jumped at the market when it was hot.
  • Overall, steady consumer confidence backed strong market growth.

In 2015:

  • Interest rates are still 2.5% until the first RBA meeting at least, with some commentators predicting it may drop even lower.
  • There is talk of slightly less growth, which represents great opportunity for ‘in & out’ investors.
  • This is expected to be brought on by low household income, rising unemployment levels, high levels of supply and construction, and a bit of Budget chaos in the mix.
  • Construction and development is expected to rise, placing pressure on landlords to lower rental yield.
  • Expert Analyst John Lindeman believes that over 50% of all Australian suburbs could drop in value.


Back by popular demand, Dominique Grubisa is presenting a series of 1-Day events in 5 capital cities, where she will be sharing insights into both of her powerful strategies: 

  • Buying distressed real estate at up to 40% below market value.
  • How you can minimise your risk in every deal and protect your assets with confidence.

This event has only ever happened once before, and I can’t guarantee that you’ll get a second shot at this…

Don't kick yourself for missing out! Claim your tickets as our Free Gift Of The Month.

Note: Seating is strictly limited due to venue capacity, so once we’re full, we’re full.


Just last week we gave you and your friends the opportunity to receive a complimentary copy of John Lindeman’s 2015 'State of the States' Property Prediction Report - which you'd normally have to pay $195 just to get the cut down version!

The offer expires at 5pm THIS FRIDAY (23rd of January) so check it out if you haven't already... Click here to access it now

Check out our video tips below as we introduce leading Australian Property Market Analyst John Lindeman into our monthly line up of experts.

Get educated now.

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