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Welcome to your June End-Of-Financial-Year newsletter.

That’s right, it’s the EOFY this month and also where property investors get to realise many of the advantages available to them tax-wise.

Be sure to ask your Accountant about including the depreciation expenses you’re entitled to, which can be quite significant. It always pays to have a professional depreciation schedule done on every investment property. You can read about that and download your very own eBook here.

Also be sure to ask your Accountant about pre-paying up to 12 months’ interest on eligible investment loans to reduce your tax, if you have spare cash lying around.

Of course with interest rates so low, pre-paying interest is becoming less effective, but still, every dollar counts. So consider checking it out.

Just while we are on that, many retirees, investors and business owners are finding out they can’t live (or rely) on cash generated by bank interest anymore… and have to return to work (or stay in work longer) to make ends meet and stave off eroding their capital.

With official interest rates down at 2%, the lowest levels in over 40 years, it’s possible they could go lower and stay there for some time.

How low can they go?

I don’t know, but 0% or negative is not out of the question. Right now, official interest rates in Sweden are -0.25% and Switzerland -0.75%!

How long can they stay there?

Again, I don’t know, but Japan has been at 0% for 15 years!

Let me remind you that praying, hoping and wishing they’d go up, is not a strategy.

Many retirees are going to have to re-enter the workforce to make ends meet.

The reason they have to do this is because that’s all they know, to exchange their time for money.

They didn’t learn The New Ways To Make Money In Property Fast! I doubt that anyone ever showed them that being entrepreneurial and running your own business on the side was the only way to go.

And I doubt anyone ever told them that Your #1 Business Skill is your ability to Sell and Negotiate.

It’s the highest paid work you’ll ever do! And it’s not just for business owners and property investors, even employees can benefit. It’s also the most valuable skill you’ll ever learn, in my experience.

And the great news is, being a skill; all skills can be learned.

Don’t wait for interest rates to hit 0% before you do.

Start now. Here’s how…

**Introducing: Ari Galper – World’s #1 Authority on Trust-Based Selling**

I am thrilled to welcome Ari Galper to our June/July Ultimate Property Conference events in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Here, leading sales and negotiating authority Ari Galper will explain the fundamentals about the trust-based revolution sweeping the globe. In an era where people are fed up with lying politicians, corrupt authority figures and terminal greed, Ari brings a message of trust, commonsense and integrity to the world of selling, negotiating, property and relationships. Ari’s presentation will, I’m betting, change the way you operate in your whole life and show you what’s possible.

At this stage Ari’s not appearing in Perth or Brisbane, so do I think it’s important enough to fly inter-state for? Yes I do. It’s that revolutionary to how the world operates now.

Gandhi said, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’, Ari will show you how.

Get educated now.

To Your Success,

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Since attending the Ultimate Property Conference, Allison has been able to help distressed homeowners sell their properties whilst being able to make a profit from the deal – and she is looking forward to several more in the future. Watch her story here.

Allison you are an inspiration!

Serena attended my 2-day conference to learn a bit about personal development and gain some extra knowledge. Much to her surprise, she gained a wealth of knowledge on property that interested her, and now believes that real estate is the pathway to her goals. Watch her video here.

"Any desire I persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression..."

These words from 'Think And Grow Rich' have been the inspiration for model student & Crew member Tumai since attending the ‘Ultimate Property Conference 2015'.

I’ve shared this inspiring photo of his study notes and nightly inspiration.
Well done Tumai!

Unlock The Sales Game

Discover how to sell and negotiate with integrity and confidence and eliminate pressure. The 'old' way of focusing on chasing, closing, overcoming objections and accepting rejection are dead.

Ari Galper, the 'World's #1 Authority on Trust-Based Selling' and current expert on our June/July Ultimate Property Conference Tour, has unlocked new breakthrough strategies for selling in all aspects of life.

When your focus is to unlock authenticity and build trust in the sales game, you are exposed to a whole new world of opportunities in your business… and in life.

Secure your tickets to see special guest Ari Galper LIVE in your city!


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