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Imagine for a moment, a government so well run that it actually gave money back to its people from all the taxes etc. it had collected. Think it’s fantasy? Not at all.

This is exactly what Hong Kong does. In their recent budget they actually gave money back to the people. On top of their already low tax rates (or because of them), Hong Kong runs huge surpluses and, as a result, are awash with cash... and the only noble thing to do is to give it back to the people that helped generate it. So they did!

They also noted however, that if they continue to run the economy as they are; if they’re not careful, in 10 years they may end up with a deficit. Imagine a politician looking 10 years into the future!

In stark contrast, four weeks ago the Australian Government debt was at $358 billion. Just two weeks later it was $361 Billion - a $3 billion increase in 2 weeks. And according to the new 'Intergenerational Report', it’s predicted to hit $5.7 trillion by 2055.

There's currently about $1.8 trillion in Australian peoples’ superannuation accounts. Hmmmm… 

In just 40 days from now on May 5, 2015, the Federal Government will be releasing its next budget. I’m predicting you aren’t going to like it. I’m predicting sooner or later they’re going to find a ‘Super Solution' for their huge and increasing debt problem. Think it can’t happen? Watch my educational video below.

Currency Merry-Go-Round

Remember just a few years ago when the Aussie dollar was trading at USD$1.10. Today it’s around USD$0.76. That’s a massive drop! And sucks if you’re planning an overseas trip. But for someone with the right knowledge, it was a massive opportunity to profit. My question; did you?

In a once-off event, Financial Market Trading Expert Daniel Kertcher is going to preview his unique strategy of FOREX trading. I believe this is what you need to know to potentially profit from such currency moves. This strategy is normally reserved for Daniel’s graduates... and it’s your last and only chance ever to learn it LIVE, so don’t miss out.

We’ve got free tickets for all our clients, but seats are severely limited. Go Here Now.

To Your Success.

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I’ve picked this Facebook Post of the Month from Darren as it is a sound acknowledgement and reminder to us of the incredible effort that my crew and volunteers consistently put in. Thanks for the recognition  we're all very grateful for your words mate!

The Millionaire Mind

New York Times bestseller Dr. Thomas Stanley shares his roadmap to wealth in his 5th book – The Millionaire Mind.

In this book, Dr. Stanley investigates the elite to discover what factors contribute to their ability to accumulate and maintain substantial wealth.

Contrary to popular belief, he demonstrates that those in this category are not all born into this elitist group, but rather personal traits and characteristics account for their success - such as work ethic, diligent saving and the ability to live below their means.


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