Dear {:firstName},

Hate to say it, ‘But I told you so!’

Official interest rates are now 2%.

Great news according to our Treasurer. Alarming if you ask me.

In the book ‘Lucky Or Smart?’, Bo Peabody shares lessons he learned from his experience with his internet start-up company Tripod, which he co-founded in 1994. He then sold in 1997 for $58 million in stock of a publicly traded company named Lycos. Two years later, his Lycos stock had increased tenfold and by December 1999, at the height of the bubble and just months before the market crashed, he’d sold nearly every share he owned.

Question is: Was Bo 'Lucky' or 'Smart'?

In Bo’s words; "Was I lucky? You bet your ass I was lucky. But I was also smart; smart enough to realise that I was getting lucky."

If you’d invested in Sydney property a few years ago, many of you would be pretty happy. With ultra-low interest rates to lubricate the massive borrowing-stimulated growth, there’s been some stellar gains.

Question is: Were you lucky or smart?

Bo was smart enough to know he was getting lucky. Are you?

Personally, I think the Treasurer will soon be out of luck, but you don’t have to be.

At times like these, rather than take confidence or quasi financial advice from a public servant Treasurer, I’m reminded of the words of the world’s richest investor Warren Buffett when asked what he’d invest in some time after the GFC. His response? ‘Invest In Yourself!’

If you wish to get both lucky and smart, I’ve got just the gift for you.

Next month, I am presenting my greatest ever line-up of experts. For the first time ever, they will ALL be on one stage at the same event. I promise you this, after 2 Days you will never look at property the same way again.

Tickets are free, if you act fast.

Invest in the new way to make money in property… it sure beats bank interest.

Experts Update: **END OF AN ERA – TWO IN FACT!**

Daniel Kertcher – Wow, what a ride! After 20 years of stage presentations, Daniel has now retired from public speaking. We are proud of our eight year business relationship with Daniel, Julie and the Team at Trading Pursuits, and gave Daniel an appropriate send off with our final national tour of Live Forex Events in April. Trading Pursuits remains 100% committed to servicing both their current and new clients ongoing as well as growing their managed fund portfolio business, as they migrate their services completely online to pursue a global market opportunity. Daniel has recorded a special farewell video below.

Paul Blackburn – It’s also the end of another Era on the ZPE stage, as we bid farewell officially to Paul Blackburn and the Beyond Success Team. As many of you know we haven’t worked on stage with Paul since November 2014, though since the start in 2007, Paul has been making our clients both laugh and cry at our events.

The change has been due to combined forces of more and more people finding what they need personal development-wise at my annual SZE (Stuart Zadel Experience) event as well as the market shifting, demanding even, more content-rich property insights.

We have been delighted to answer this call by partnering with Master Property Market Analyst John Lindeman, one of, if not the nation’s leading property market researcher and analysts. We humbly acknowledge Paul, Mary and The Beyond Success Team for their immeasurable contribution to our clients over the years and wish them every continued success.

Below you’ll find this month’s video tips from our experts as well as part 2 of my special interview with Therese Kerr on your greatest form of wealth – your health.

Remember a formal education may make you a living, but self-education can make you a fortune.

Get educated now.

To Your Success,

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Researching Phase For Positive Property Cashflow

Bob continues on from last month as he moves to 'R for Research' in his PROFIT formula. Delve into things like due diligence and financial feasibility and how you can aim to get these spot on.


Looking Back At Past Performance

This month, Market Analyst John Lindeman uses real examples to demonstrate why you can't rely solely on long-term past performance when researching suburbs.


Message Of Thanks

Having officially retired from public speaking, Share Trading Educator Daniel Kertcher shares a message of thanks to the ZPE team and all the friends and clients he has made along the way.


This month, I bring you Part 2 of my exclusive guest interview with Therese Kerr. Today, she shares powerful insights into why the food we put in our body could be harming our health - and what we can do to protect ourselves.  Watch it here.


Terese from Victoria started her journey with ZPE when she attended her first 2-day event in 2012. Since then she has gone through Cherie’s workshop, and most recently attended my annual ‘Stuart Zadel’s Leadership’ event last month. Listen to her property success story by
clicking here.

Tiana & Ashleigh walked away from Leadership on ‘cloud nine’ and equipped with skills they can see themselves using in so many aspects of their lives. They didn’t know each other 3 days prior to this, but look at the friendship that they've already formed. Watch their video here.

Once again, our mailbox has been filled with letters from around the country. This month I've selected this stellar effort that Genevieve in Adelaide documented and posted to us - numerous photos of her new garden boasting 27 fruit trees... all of these have been added to our target (plus the 46 her neighbour planted!) and I hope this inspires you all to do something similar!

80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More

In this book, Perry Marshall takes the widely recognised 80/20 concept and applies it to the world of sales and marketing. In doing so, he demonstrates unique ways that you can solve almost any problem in business by applying this concept - resulting in higher efficiency, lower workload, and a much more attractive financial return at the end of the day. He also shows you how to glean huge insights from tiny clues, not only in your own business but from competitors.


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