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In the mid 1970’s Walter Swann of Bisbee, Arizona, USA wrote a book about growing up with his brother Henry. He titled it “Me 'n' Henry”. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a publisher, so he self-published his own book.

Next challenge, he couldn’t find a distributor, so he opened his own book store. It carried just one title, you guessed it, “Me 'n’ Henry”. He named it appropriately the 'One Book Bookstore'.

Trade was brisk.

In fact, so successful was his first book, he wrote a second book, “Me 'n' Mamma”. He self published that too and sold it in an adjacent store, again appropriately named ‘The Other Book Bookstore’.

Swann became a sort of folk hero in the 1970’s as well as Bisbee’s most famous citizen, appearing in 'People Magazine' and on the David Letterman Show. He also made great money in the process, month-in month-out, to live his life on his terms and look after his family.

How was Walter Swann able to accomplish with just one book, what mega book chains are unable to accomplish with thousands of books?

One word: Focus.

Just like in property, regardless of what the market is doing, there’s always an opportunity to make good money... if you focus. But if you're relying on traditional buy-and-hold, negative-gearing mentality, then you're hoping and praying that property prices continue to rise, interest rates stay low and global bankers know what they are doing (??) – good luck!

In property right now, I believe there’s 5 strategies you can focus on to make phenomenal profits.

1. Discounted Property

2. Renovation

3. Strata Titling

4. Sub division

5. Development

Like Walter above, you only need one to get started. And who know’s, maybe you’ll be publishing your own book one day titled ‘Me 'n’ Property’?

*Congratulations* to 300 of our best clients that just completed my flagship personal development training event, ‘The Stuart Zadel Experience’ (SZE) or ' The Experience' for short.

In my mind, this was without question the most powerful event we have ever run. If you wish to take your wealth and life to the next level, come along to an event to see how you can qualify to attend.

*HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR* – Wishing all our Chinese clients a very happy and prosperous New Year – the Year Of The Red Monkey!

**FREE Gift**  2 Free Tickets To 'Stuart Zadel's Ultimate Property Conference' – National Tour 2016 (Valued At $497 Each!)

That's right, you and a friend can score 2 Free Tickets to my Ultimate Property Conference National Tour 2016.

Learn from the best of the best over 2 content-rich, inspiring, fun-filled days. Our expert line-up includes:

Stuart Zadel – Best-selling author and wealth educator with more than 25 years of successful business experience. Discover how to achieve the 'Mindset For Success' plus his new session '7 Steps To Exponential Wealth'.

Cherie Barber – Australian Celebrity TV Renovator with over 50 professional reno's done and transacted over $50 million in property deals.

John Lindeman – Leading Australian Property Market Analyst and master statistician for Australian Property Investor Magazine with the boom and bust suburbs of 2016.

Dominique Grubisa – Renowned Australian Debt & Legal Expert with second-to-none experience in Distressed Property and Asset Protection.

Bob Andersen – The 'Billion Dollar Developer' with over 30 years experience in the Property Development industry... where the BIG money is made.

Andrew Baxter – Professional Financial Markets coach and author with over 20 years experience. He's been on stage with Robbins, Kiyosaki & Branson!

If you can find a higher calibre of experts at the one event in Australia, I'd like to know about it.

*EXTRA BONUSES* – As you know from January's newsletter, we're celebrating our 10th Anniversary! We have so much planned for the year that is going to absolutely blow you away, but to start things off, I wanted to give more for less.

What does that mean? At the 'Ultimate Property Conference', we will be giving away more free gifts, have more opportunities to earn some awesome prizes, plus what I believe to be the biggest addition of all...

I'll personally be presenting a brand new, never-before-seen session titled '7 Steps To Exponential Wealth'.

With only 250 seats available, be sure to Book Your Seat today before they run out!

Look forward to seeing you personally at the event.

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Keys To Financial Abundance: Pt 2

I've been a business owner for 25 years and I've never seen anyone make it without these 3 charactistics – and more importantly I've never seen anyone fail who had them all. This month, I reveal characteristic #2.


Getting Your Goal Right

Is there a reason why so many people tend to give up on their NY resolution after a month, or less? Dominique shares her view on goal setting, and how you can apply it to your property strategy to give yourself a hot shot at making a profit.


Stages Of Property Development

This month, our Property Development expert Bob introduces his newest series, where he will be unveiling the different stages of property development. What's more, he'll using a project of his very own as a case study the whole time!


Flatpacking Your Skip Bins

While it is usually in your best interest to demolish and discard as little as possible, sometimes filling a few skip bins is inevitable. Watch Cherie's tip this month to discover how you can save money when filling and stacking your skip bins.


Buying A Dream

Sometimes people buy a home on emotion rather than logic. Making the right choice is about finding a property that is most typical of the area and suits the tenant who is most likely to be living in the house. Don't buy the dream, because it can often become a nightmare.


Wow! Steve attended 'The Experience' over the weekend and shared his story with us. After attending our event 3 years ago, Steve worked the corporate life with not much direction. With a desire to generate wealth his own way, he has put to practice our strategies and has achieved some massive goals. Hear the full story here.

Stuart attended my 2-Day UPC late last year for the first time. He has since listened to my new Law of Attraction Audio CD – and more recently, attended SZE. In this video, he explains the power of his new knowledge and exactly how his life has been shaping up in the last few months. Watch the video and hear all about his story right here.

The team and I were swept away when we received this letter and a handful of photos from Scott in WA who has taken the initiative to organise a tree planting program with other members of his community in WA. Having now contributed over 17 trees to our official Tree Planting tally, Scott hopes to build on this total massively in 2016. Very inspiring work mate – just remember: Start Small, Stay Focused, Grow Strong!

'Focus' by Al Ries

Why do some companies thrive and prosper while others crash and burn? What do successful business owners do that not-so-successful ones don't?
Internationally recognised marketing expert Al Ries takes an undeniably simple and common-sense approach to answering this question.
Using real world examples, Ries explains the secret: Focus. By resisting diversification and over-complication and focussing on a workable blueprint, any company can evolve, grow and ensure future success.


1 x mango
1 x banana
1 x tsp raw honey
2 x tsp maca powder
1 x tsp chlorella powder
1 x small bunch spinach leaves
1 x litre of almond, soy or oat milk
1 x small tin of coconut cream (270ml)
1/2 x fresh paw paw (skin and seeds removed)
2 x tsp pea protein (or hemp protein if you're outside Australia!)


1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until consistency is smooth and to your liking.

2. Serve and drink straight away!

Serves 8.

A bright shirt for a bright event – 'The Experience 2016' (SZE).

Humbled by Lyn White's ability to inspire & honoured to make a contribution to 'Animals Australia' at SZE.

40 powerful crew members are required to make The Experience possible!

And it's all worthwhile as 300 of our best clients learn the secrets to super success!

 A big welcome to Sydney office member Aaron who has joined our Marketing Dept.

Mike & Tracy from VIC turned trash into treasure and
made a great profit!

GM Jasi called her hairdresser into the office for one last styling before a recent event.

 A full house of leaders at 'The Experience' in 2016!

Group selfie shot of team members Luke, Ash & Michael at the beach in Sydney!

Brisbane & Sydney crew Kalie, Wayne, Luke, Shel & Craig's Christmas catch-up.

Sea Reflections Cafe
in Coogee, Sydney
spreading the love.


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