Hi friends,

Happy New Year!

I really hope you had low-stress, fun and laughter during the Festive Season, while also making some space to reflect on the past year and gain clarity around what’s really important to you in your life.

I predict 2016 will be a year where people focus more on getting back to basics and doing them better. As image consultant Chris Rewell said to me when interviewing her for the 'Secrets Of Great Public Speakers Exposed Book', "It’s about having fewer things… of higher quality". Of course this doesn’t just apply to clothing!

10th Anniversary Celebrations – We did it! We beat the odds! You know, they say 80% of businesses fail in the first 5 years and 80% of the surviving ones don’t make it to 10 years. Well we did it. 2016 represents the beginning of our 10th year in the property and wealth education business.

This is my second real business in which I've accomplished this feat. The first was my gym which I sold after 11 1/2 years to start this one – and it's still going strong to this day! This has all been made possible by you, our loyal subscribers. For that reason, I sent you all a gift of appreciation in the mail over the break.

To celebrate our achievement in this, our 10th Anniversary year, we’ll be bringing you new events, birthday events, some exciting surprises, PLUS we’ll be giving away even more prizes than ever before. Stay tuned for further announcements on email, and make sure your postal and contact details are up to date in our system... hint ;)

2020 Vision Update – End of year is a good time to evaluate your performance over the past year and set goals and targets for the new one. If you’ve been to any of my events over the past 9 years, you’ll know we exist for our Top 5 Big Goals, or our 2020 Vision. If you’re following our progress, here’s the numbers as they currently stand:

1. Inspire A Community Of 1,000 Financially Abundant Australians
2. Inspire 100,000 People Live At Our Events – 59,387
3. Inspire Through The Distribution Of 1,000,000 Books – 550,347
4. Inspire The Contribution Of $1,000,000 To Worthwhile Causes – $334,191.60
5. Inspire The Planting Of 1,000,000 Trees In Australian Soil – ZPE: 27,006 and ZPE Clients: 17,364

*Special Announcement* – Welcome Aria! Congratulations to our inspiring GM Jasi Colley and husband Shaun who had a beautiful baby girl on New Year’s Eve, named Aria… and let me tell you, she’s gorgeous. You may be lucky to get a chance to see her at an event or two this year… Aria I mean. Jasi will be there for sure!

*FREE GIFT* – “How To Do Simple Cosmetic Reno’s On Budget Properties For Quick & Easy Profits!” with Cherie Barber.

To kick off the year, these Free 2-Hour Events featuring Celebrity TV Renovator Cherie Barber reveal to you her hard-won knowledge and time-tested formula for quick and easy profits, no matter what your level of renovation experience.

After completing her first season of TV show filming in the U.S. and also several more TV projects for 'The Living Room' late last year, she’s on the hunt for 10 more renovation properties right now in the Sydney market. Come along and see what it takes to do it right.

Due to Cherie’s limited speaking schedule in 2016, be sure to grab your chance to see her LIVE at no cost to you while you can. Seating is severely limited so secure Your Exclusive FREE tickets by Clicking Here Now!

**ONE LAST GIFT FOR YOU** - In Case You Missed My FREE Report - A few days ago I sent you an amazing opportunity to secure John Lindeman’s 2016 “State Of The State’s” Q1 Property Report for free as a part of our ‘Refer A Friend’ campaign. This report is exclusive to Zadel Property Education subscribers and normally you’d have to pay $195 just to get the cut down version.

This offer expires at 5pm THIS FRIDAY (22nd January, 2016) so jump to it while you still can. Click Here To Access It Now.

As always, enjoy our experts video tips below.

See You Soon,

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Keys To Financial Abundance: Pt 1

Having read hundreds of books on the topic of success and wealth, I believe there are 3 simple traits you can find in every single successful person. That's it – JUST 3. In part 1 of a 3 part series, I'll be touching on the first trait and how you can work on it.


Time Pressure And Duress

The New Year has come around and I bet everyone is feeling like they have all the time in the world. In property, Dominique explains how the party under time duress in any deal is the party who loses. Discover why this happens, and how you can avoid it!


2016 Market At A Glance

To kick off the year, Bob has put together a detailed look at the year in passing,  plus what to expect in 2016. For property developers, there have been some valuable lessons that you can surely capitalise on in the coming 12 months – and you could win big time.


Buying Lunch For Your Tradies

"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach!" – Cherie is a firm believer in the old saying and she applies it to her trades team during every Reno. It may seem like an expense, but it keeps your team on site, on their game and on your side.


The Australian Market vs Overseas

With a lot of growth in Australian markets in recent years, timid investors can sometimes seek investment opportunities in overseas markets. John explains the differences of some markets, and what perils can arise for the unweary overseas investor.


Yen attended my 2-Day Ultimate Property Conference for the first time last year, and was a bit swept away by all the things he learnt that he didn't know before. With his newfound knowledge, he hopes to remove some of the blockages in his life and open up a world of opportunity. Watch his video here.

With my first Ultimate Property Conference National Tour in 2016 just around the corner, I wanted to share a compilation of clients who shared their experience with us throughout the weekend. These are raw, on-the-spot insights into my cornerstone 2-Day event which you can claim your seats to today! Watch the video here.

We received this very inspiring message from Richard this month. Repetition is key, and it sounds like you're working hard to take control of your own results. It's also great to see you utilising the free gifts I have made available to our clients. Keep it up!

'The One Thing' by Gary Keller

Featuring on a number of best-seller lists, 'The One Thing' is recognised internationally as one of the best and most effective business books of all time.
As the title suggests, the main concepts expressed in the book are based around focus and channelling your energy on one thing – with fewer distractions – to enable yourself to get the best results possible.
From business and entrepreneurship to personal relationships, health and general well-being – there's very few things these secret principles won't unlock for the switched on reader.


7 x pitted dates
5 x fresh strawberries
1 1/2 x cups of coconut milk
1 x tsp of vanilla extract
1/3 x cup of chia seeds


1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend.
2. Once the strawberries are broken down and the mixture is smooth, pour into a bowl and place in the fridge to set for 2 hours.
3. This delicious and healthy dessert is ready to eat when the chia seeds swell into a 'jelly-like' consistency and the entire dish is firm to press.

Serves 2.


Stuart meeting Aria – Jasi's new baby girl. It was love at first site!

Past (and legendary) office team member Mark popped in for a surprise visit...
all the way from Dubai!

Christmas celebrations at The Westin Hotel with Debt & Legal Expert Dominique Grubisa and husband Kevin.

Recording new audio content for special release to our subscribers during our 10th Anniversary year.

 Kalie & Wayne – superstar clients & friends flew in to surprise us with an Xmas gift we won't forget.

End of year office team celebration dinner at Aria Restaurant on the harbour.

A massive transformation for this worn-out property in Adelaide. Well done to Mel who sent us the pics!

Sydney crew member Stu popped into the office just before the break with a beautiful Christmas hamper.

Stuart with super successful ZPE clients Andrew & Kavitha at Brisbane airport.

Amit from NSW planted Lime, Indian Guava and Loquat Trees in his yard for our goal. Top work Amit.


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