Hi Friends,

Thank you.

Two simple words that mean a lot.

Thank you for your support. You’ve helped make our 2020Vision and Top 5 Goals possible and that has helped inspire many, many lives. And thanks to your ongoing support we’ve made it to our 10th Anniversary Year.

May 2016 represents the start of our 10th Anniversary year… and it’s time to celebrate! (Keep an eye on your post box this month for an extra special surprise).

And what better way to celebrate than accelerate towards our goals as well as do what we do best – Educate.

To that end, we recently contributed $50,000.00 to the Thankyou® organisation.

Thankyou® is the name and brand of a social enterprise that exists for a better world. Maybe you’ve seen their water or range of 35+ other products in your local supermarket; maybe you’ve purchased them, and good on you. In addition to lifting the standard of products available, 100% of their profits are donated to support worthwhile causes for a better, fairer world.

Recently I flew down to Melbourne to meet the founders of Thankyou®, and interview their front man, Daniel Flynn.

I also went, as I said, to contribute $50,000.00 to their organisation and make sure they met their New Zealand launch campaign targets. You may have seen that campaign and book launch all over the media.

Here’s a screenshot of our efforts and a link to an article: http://bit.ly/ThankYouChaperOne

I believe in what they do, I believe in their model, and I believe ALL business should exist to make the world a better place – both in what they sell but also by contributing their profits to worthwhile causes.

And thankfully, many business owners (and people) are starting to get it. More and more realise that tithing or giving money away, is, in fact, a money multiplier, not a money subtractor.

And the more you give, the more you get.

So thank you Thankyou®, for showing us what’s possible and providing a sustainable vehicle the average person can get out there and support by changing their purchasing habits today.

Enjoy my success tip video below, where I share it with Daniel Flynn and his top 3 success tips as well as his book of the month, Chapter One.

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Enjoy this month's Expert Video Tips and brand new Blog Posts of the Month below – and I look forward to seeing you personally at the events.

To Your Success,

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Success Interview With Daniel Flynn

I flew down to Melbourne this month to meet the co-founder and CEO of Thankyou® - an innovative company who are changing the world with the profits from their range of supermarket products. We had a quick chat, so check out what he had to share.


Mid-Year Market Outlook

If you knew that markets weren't going to crash, and a 'day of reckoning' wasn't even in the picture – would it change the way you spend your money? Dominique's tip this month shares a great outlook on the market, volatilty and opportunity.


Site Approvals

An early step in the development phase, but pivotal nonetheless. Site approvals can vary from State to State, and the process can take a while, but there is typically 2 that you will need to get signed off on before you can commence work.


Selecting The Right Real Estate Agent

You've finished your reno and have done an incredible job – now it's time to sell. Here begins your search for the agent who's going to get the best sale price and contracts for your property. You want to get this right so all your hard work doesn't go to waste.


Capital City Growth in 2016/17

It appears that Sydney, the lead performer in recent years in terms of market growth, has flattened. So what capital city/cities will take the No.1 spot in the next 12 months? John's research based on a number of factors leads to one clear winner.


It was great to see the familiar face of Aldwyn at my 3-day Leadership Event who attended my first event back in 2009... over 7 years ago! She shared with us some excerpts from her wonderful journey which were very humbling to hear. It just goes to show that motivation and inspiration is an ongoing process, and repetition is key. Check out what she had to say. Click here.

You won't believe it, but Mark used to be a client of mine at the gym I used to own in Cronulla. As irony would have it, he has lost more weight from learning what I'vr had to say at my events than what he did when I trained him! Not only that, he is staring down the barrel of a potential 7 figure profit on a development with his wife. Watch his video here


Attributes Of A Developer
by Bob Andersen

Nobody is born to be a property developer. That said there are what I would call attributes that could make the task easier and more effective.

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Increase Your Selling Price On Auction Day - Part 2 by Naomi Findlay 

In Part 2 of a 4 part series, Leading Property Stylist Naomi Findlay shares her best tips for property investors selling at auction.

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Thank you to Ron and Von from NSW who sent us a collection of photos this month, showcasing a new garden full of both decorative and producing trees.

In the photos below, you can see some Australian Christmas Bush and Pittosporum Silver Sheen. Your incredible efforts have been added to our Tree Planting Tally - great effort!

'Chapter One' by Daniel Flynn

Chapter One is a book written by Daniel Flynn, the co-founder and CEO of Thankyou®. You might know Thankyou® a bit better for their $1 waters and other nutritional products on the shelves at your local supermarket.
Thankyou® started as a company with the goal to generate enough profit from their products to provide life-changing solutions to communities around the world who don't have access to the basic neccessities we take for granted every day.
This book shares the captivating journey that he and his team have embarked on, including the gut-wrenching decisions, wild mistakes and daring moves into business, marketing, social enterprise and beyond. All profits made from the purchase of this book are directly funding their very next milestone project.


2 x whole capsicums
1/2 x cup of buckwheat
1 1/2 x cups of vegetable stock
4 x large white mushrooms
1 x bunch of English spinach
1 x clove of garlic
1 x dessert spoon of dried basil
1 x white onion
1 x dessert spoon of coconut oil
100g x grated feta cheese
4 x sundried tomatoes
Salt for seasoning to taste
Extra coconut oil for brushing onto capsicums


1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees F.
2. Take 2 capsicums, and halve them while scooping out the seeds and core in the middle.
3. Brush the capsicums with coconut oil then place in an oven proof dish with a lid.
4. Cook capsicums at 200 degrees F for 20 minutes.
5. Whilst the capsicums are cooking, take the buckwheat and rinse with cold water.
6. In a saucepan or rice cooker, cook the buckwheat in 1 and a half cups of vegetable stock until soft.
7. Finely chop the mushrooms, onions, sundried tomatoes and spinach and stir-fry in a frying pan on medium-high heat for around 5 minutes with the coconut oil.
8. Once the buckwheat is ready, pour into a large bowl and add the vegetables from the frying pan along with the 100 grams of feta cheese that has been grated.
9. Season with the salt and add in the dried basil.
10. Take the partially cooked capsicums from the oven and stuff with the buckwheat/vegetable mixture. You can top with some extra feta cheese if desired.
11. Cook for a further 20 minutes at 200 F or until the tops are browned.


Serves 2

Inspired to meet a true visionary - Daniel Flynn - Founder of Thankyou®.

Catching up on some outdoor activity in QLD with good friends Wayne & Kalie.

A room full of inspiring 'Leaders' at Stuart Zadel's Leadership this month.

An entire table full of Daniel's 'Chapter One' books at La Manna at Essendon Fields.

Some of the awesome Sydney crew backstage at Dominique's event in April.

 Next week, Cherie will be sharing her Reno Secrets to packed venues across the country. Got your ticket yet?

Welcome to our newest Sydney office team member, Graphic Design Guru Bianca.

Everyone's a winner at Stuart Zadel's Leadership Event, at Luna Park, Sydney!

A nice 'Thank You' moment for Sarah who brings you her delicious recipes each month.

 GM Jasi celebrating with her husband Shaun who had his birthday this month.

Our inspiring crew member Robyn sent us this photo while Island hopping in the Phillipines.

Crew members Lucien, Mel, Anastasia and Stuart heading out after a recent event.


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